The immense benefits of aluminium cans

The abundance of aluminium on earth is third after oxygen and silicon, which makes it the most common metal. Aluminium cans are used in food and beverage packaging. They are also used for storing chemicals, oils and numerous other liquids. The use of the cans began in the late 50's where the cans were found to be better than steel cans. The following are the reasons why aluminium cans have gained popularity in food and beverage industry.

Aluminium cans are light in weight. This is advantageous because manufacturers can easily transport large amounts of their products with ease. Aluminium’s malleability allows manufacturers to roll it into very thin foils and still maintain strength. This is beneficial due to the limited amount of aluminium needed to make a single can.

The cost of producing the cans is lower than that of producing packaging materials from plastic and glass. This is advantageous to manufacturers because they incur lower production costs, while consumers benefit from the fact that products sold in aluminium cans are affordable.

When it comes to health and safety, the cans are desirable because of their ability to resist corrosion. This ensures that food items stored in the cans are healthy, and do not cause any harmful side effects or long term illnesses. Food and drink manufacturers have skilfully added a protective polymer layer that is effective in prolonging the storage life of the cans. It is also effective in preventing acids and salts in beverages from coming into contact with aluminium, further enhancing the safety of consumers. Aluminium’s resistance to corrosion also makes the cans durable, which allows manufacturers to store their products for a long time.

Aluminium cans have the ability to contain the pressure of carbonated soft drinks. This allows consumers to enjoy their favourite fizzy drinks in their original state.

The cans have an attractive shiny outer finish that is easily decorated with graphics and other forms of printing. This has helped many manufacturers to get the attention of potential consumers through the conspicuous nature of the images.

When it’s hot, it is possible to get a colder drink if one opts for a drink in an aluminium can when compared to a drink served in glass or plastic containers. This is due to the high thermal conductivity of the material, which allows for quick heat gain and loss. The cans feature easy- open ends that eliminate the need for can openers.

The cans are easily reused and recycled, and will not lose integrity when compared to plastics, which lose their quality with each recycling process.

Recycling aluminium cans have a lower melting point when compared to any other metal. This result to the reduction of energy needed to recycle the cans, which is beneficial to the environment. The fact that aluminium is fully recyclable is also desirable because it reduces the world’s reliance on plastics. Plastic bottles involve difficulties during the recycling process and involve the use of harmful chemicals. Recycling aluminium eliminates the need for the destruction of the ecosystems of rainforests during the extraction of bauxite used in its production.


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